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Oned Agency is a digital marketing agency founded by young entrepreneurs Taha Talu and Aydın Bars with big goals. The story of the two partners is that they went to America in 2013 to learn the language and met here.


Taha Talu continued his life in America for 7.5 years and graduated from Texas Tech University in Marketing. He met Digital Marketing in 2017 and gained knowledge and experience by working in different digital marketing agencies during this period. After completing his language education in the US, Aydın Bars returned to Turkey and decided to study Psychology at Aydın University. After meeting Digital Marketing in 2015, he started his own Bars Marketing Media Agency and had the opportunity to work with more than 120 customers. Later on, he founded Turkey’s largest digital marketing training company and enabled more than 55,000 students to participate in it.


As two young entrepreneurs, we want to improve ourselves every day in the field of digital marketing and take advantage of each other’s experience to raise Oned Agency to the level of a global Digital Marketing Agency. Our biggest advantage here is that we both have different perspectives on marketing strategies and we are fast and solution-oriented in implementation.

Our Vision

The most important and focused issue for us is to obtain and process data accurately in all our processes and to increase sales with the data we obtain. We know that there can be no systematic progress without data and without processing the data correctly.

As a team, we believe in the power of communication. We believe that listening and understanding the brand representatives we work with correctly is the most important way to success.

Our Mission

In our opinion, company owners and founders should be busy developing their own business and products. If their focus is on social media ads, Google ads, display ads, conversion funnels, etc., this factor will do nothing but hinder the development of the business.

There are two things you can do here. The first is to spend too much time and money looking for a “marketing expert” on the job market with no guarantees OR to work with a DIGITAL AGENCY that offers you guaranteed results and adapts this work to dozens of different sectors without wasting much time and money.

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